Back working on Gracie

Finally, wherrythe temperatures have warmed up enough to begin working on my wherry again.  I finished sanding the first coat of epoxy on the interior last Sunday.  Except for adding the rails, my wherry is complete (I’ll buy the Piantedosi sliding seat rig separately and it will just bolt in place).  Now it is just a matter of finding the time to apply three coats of epoxy, at least three coats of varnish, and then primer and at least three coats of paint to the exterior hull.  There will be sanding in between each coats, so I’m probably 9 weekends away from being done. Not that I’m complaining As weird as it sounds, I am enjoying the detail work, sanding the nooks and crannies as smooth as I can get them, running my fingers along the surfaces to check how everything feels, while imagining those moments soon to be when I’ll be out on skimming over water smooth as glass.


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